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PLAY is the answer!

Watch Our Slide Show!

Cactus & the Rose will perform for your occasion

Original folk music
Call 707-256-8134 to arrange!

We are starting an acting group.

We are looking for people who really want to be a part
of an acting group. Plan is to get paid (even a stipend)
for acting in local (Lakeport California) and community theater.

If you are interested send an email to with your email and phone number.

We are fussy. we only want serious performers that can memorize lines
and are willing to commit to being reliable and responsible.
We only want others that want to be part of running the operation, inlcluding selecting where to perform, what to perform, and when to perform.

If this is you, call or email us!
Call 707-256-8134 for more information about getting involved.

Visit our Sanctuary to find out more about us!